Electrical Work

12 & 24 voltlucas

This system will be the life of your boat. The power source being the batteries you carry with you which in turn are charged up by your engine when you move and by other charging components such as Solar Panels and Landline chargers.

The 12 volt system powers and runs all the other systems inside your boat. The water system, lighting circuit and  even converting to 240v via an Inverter while you are out cruising.

One of the most common problems reported to us here at the boatyard, is the lack of 12v power.electrical installation

This can be caused by number of reasons. The 12volt system is a system that requires the correct blend of:

Battery Capacity

Cable Sizings

Charging Cycles



Any one of a combination of these failings will cause a lack of 12v power and you can end up going round in very expensive circles in part replacement.

Let the Narrowcraft 'Power Team' investigate and diagnose your fault. They will be able to offer you the best and most cost effective course of action.

We offer a superior range of Lucas Batteries. A name you can Trust

We also carry out:

Alternator repairs and replacements

Inverter Installations.

Master switch and cable upgrades

Battery replacement

Battery Charger installation




240 volt systems


The 240 Volt system on a narrowboat will power the 3 pin sockets, similar to those you would find in a house. Also much like a house these systems need fuse board protection, with a series of Earth leakage trips and main current breakers, divided into power circuits.

The benefits of a 240v system, mean that you can run normal appliances that you would find around the house, as well as charge your leisure batteries whileRectif connected to shore power. Other advantages such as Electric water heaters or Immersion heater can be beneficial.


The supply for 240volt electric systems can come from a shore line connection, Power Inverter (generated from 12v system whilst on the move) and powered from an external generator (or built in to your engine)

Here at Narrowcraft we can install a 240 volt system in your boat with as many of few extras as you require. if you already have a shore power connection and sockets you might like to consider upgrading to a 240 engine generator? or a power travel Inverter.


What ever your consumer needs may be, contact us and we can talk you through the feasibility of electrical installation, and present an array of costings for your consideration.