Engine Servicing

Specialists in new and vintage Engine Servicing and Repairs

We will service anything and everything but we have specialist experience with the following Marine engine units.Old engine

Barrus Shire - With over 70 new installations in our own boats and more than 10 engine replacements. We are fully trained Barrus agents.

Beta Marine - Having covered all the servicing requirements for a fleet of 42 timeshare boats for 10 years all fitted with Beta engines, we have a good track record

Isuzu - Although the Isuzu Marine is not available any more we have installed them in the past and know the engine

B.M.C 1.5/1.8 - The Classic BMC, we have stripped and rebuilt numerous. Servicing, head gaskets, injector testing etc.

Lister JP - One of the Vintage Canal Engines, we look after 5 of these on a regular basis and have experience in fault finding, operation and rebuilding.

Lister H series - Air or water cooled we have a good History, including years of operation, strip down and service.

Russell Newbury (10% discount to RNR Members) - Service and Parts available and one of our engineers has one in his own boat!

Bolinder BM - The Classic sound of the bolinder engine. By some we are considered the bolinder experts. With 5 of these engines in operation we have built, stripped down and repaired just about everything that can be done.


........................................to name a few!Bolinder

If your engine doesn't appear on the list, then give us a call. Chances are we have experience in servicing it and have the filters or parts on the shelf.




Our Engine Servicing price includes all skilled labour, filters and lubricants. We advise service intervals of 250 hrs or manufactuers specification and at least once a year.

The 250hr service is an intermediate service only and is designed to save you money on engines which clock up high running hours and benefit from regular maintenance. The 500 hr service is a full service and should be carried out in the majority of cases.



250 Hr Service  -  £180.00

500 Hr Service  -  £245.00 


 Barrus main dealer

barrus sign


Our fully Barrus trained engineers can service or repair your Barrus engine.

Alternatively order your barrus parts and spares with us


250 hr Barrus Shire Service    -  £180

500 hr Barrus Shire Service    -  £245

250 hr Barrus Shanks Service -  £220

500 hr Barrus Shanks Service -  £295





 All prices subject to V.A.T and can vary for specialist or vintage engines that require expensive lubricants.