Wharf Services


We Offer the following Boatyard Services on the Alvecote Wharf. This is located for ease, on the towpath opposite the Marina entrance.

Assisted Toilet tank rinse and high vacuum Pump out inc. Elsan Blue  -  £20

Diesel (Current Domestic and Propulsion rates apply)

Elsan Disposal  

Elsan Blue        

Elsan Blue refill - £3.50 per litre (if you keep your old container we can refill it for you with high concentration Elsan Blue for less!!)

CaloIMG 6674r Gas refill: We stock the following products.




Coal Products


(All of these products are available by the bag or ton. Local delivery by narrowboat can also be arranged (see canal transport pages).  Alvecote Marina Moorers will benefit from a free coal delivery service on Fridays, during the winter months)